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company Power One makes thousands of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries for virtually any application. Since 1993, we produce plate plant in Guangdong which provides one- stop solution for Rechargeable Battery Applications.We provide a widest array of batteries in the industry,the application of the battery includes telecommunication equipment, electronic instruments, fire alarm and security devices , UPS system, emergency lighting, power plant such as solar power system, wind power system, electric powered vehicles, PDA equipment such as laptop, computer , camera, phone sets, medical sets ,power tools, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners , toys. more

ni-mhni-cdli-ionchargerVRLA Battery  
International certifications :certif
ISO9001 approval, file No. QEC2071
UL approval, file No. MH20432
CE approval, file No. G2M20201-0102-E-16